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Link2Vid Review

Welcome to my Link2Vid review.

Link2Vid is going to be launched by Mark Bishop and Venkata Ramana on October 1st at 11AM EST.

This software caught my attention because I heard the ‘buzz’ about how powerful it was and about how it could get FREE targeted traffic in any niche. (Which is absolutely huge, in case you didn’t know)

In the video below watch my full Link2Vid review and make sure to watch until the end to see the awesome bonus bundle that I’ve put together for you.

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Link2Vid review
Link2Vid review

Pricing & Funnel

Link2Vid – ($17) is a brand-new software that you can use to get FREE targeted traffic in any niche by turning links and keywords into brilliant little ‘content’ videos.

Upgrade 1 ($37) – Link2Vid Pro

Upgrade 2 ($17.97) – Vid2Niche

Upgrade 3 ($37/Bi-Yearly) – link2vid MAX

Upgrade 4 ($77/57) – License/Resell Rights


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Link2Vid Review
Link2Vid Review

Link2Vid Review

Ok, here are my thoughts.

While doing my Link2Vid review I was really impressed with not only the software but the endless possibilities you can use Link2Vid for.

This software basically allows you to get free traffic from very simple ‘little content videos’ that the software creates automatically from links and keywords.

What I really like about Link2Vid is that this isn’t simply a software that Mark & Venkata created to sell.


This is something that they’ve been using in their business to make money with for years now.

Let me explain.

You see, Mark Bishop is heavily involved in ‘niche marketing’ and a quick glance at some of his niche marketing YouTube channel(s) and you’ll see he’s using tons of these simple Link2Vid style videos on YouTube to pull in heaps of traffic with.

LInk2Vid Review
Link2Vid Review

No matter what kind of online money-getting you’re into the ability to extract free traffic with this system will help you get way more traffic and ultimately make a lot more money because of that traffic.

If you’re a frequenter of my blog and my reviews you’ll likely know that I don’t normally promote or recommend software unless it’s really freakin’ good…THIS ONE IS.

What I’ve done is put together an amazing Link2Vid bonus bundle that is head and shoulders above what anyone else is offering to ensure that you get the maximum value on this one.

With my bonuses you’ll have a clear advantage over anyone that has or is using Link2Vid without them.


>>Grab Your Copy of Link2Vid + My MEGA Bonus Bundle<<

Link2Vid Bonus (ONLY 50 5 Available)

Bonus #1 – Link2Vids ‘Secret Strategies’ – in this bonus you’ll get access to closely guarded strategies that will increase your traffic + earnings 2-3x with the Link2vids software.

Bonus #2 – Link2Vids ‘Booster-Pack’ – An assortment of tips, tricks & methods that will flat-out give you an ‘unfair advantage’ on your competition or anyone using Link2Vids without these.

Bonus #3 – Link2Vids ‘Earning Strategy’ – A perfect earning strategy you can use with the Link2Vids software to pull-down consistent $100-$200/days with EASE.

Bonus #4 – Video Domination Mastery – My 45 min custom training on how to make really good money with video. These include strategies you’ve likely never seen or heard of before.

Bonus #5 – Link Supremacy – Get #1 rankings on Google & YouTube FAST

Bonus #6 – VIDCONNECT – Curates & monetizes videos on auto-pilot so you always have fresh content and videos for your sites.

Bonus #7- Vid Promo Pages – Comes fully loaded with ready-to-deploy ‘promo pages’ of some of the highest converting pages you can get your hands on.

Bonus #8 – VidLock – is a premium plugin that allows you to capture more leads and make more sales by locking your video and content until your visitors perform certain actions.

Bonus #9 – WP Swift Page Plugin – Instantly increase the speed of your website while simultaneously decreasing your bounce rate.

Bonus #10 – WP Review Me Plugin – Use this ‘plug-n-play’ plugin to instantly allow your visitors to leave reviews which you can then display on your site or use them however you see fit.

Bonus #11 – Lead Generation Authority – Discover a step-by-step plan to attract more leads, make more sales and ultimately pull in more money.


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